The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) is a non-profit association of North American companies engaged in the iron and steel industry. The Institute serves as the voice of the North American Steel industry, speaking out on behalf of its members in the public policy arena and advancing the case for steel in the marketplace as the preferred material of choice. AISI also plays a lead role in the development and application of new steels and Steelmaking technology AISI is comprised of 32 member companies, including integrated electric furnace steelmakers and 118 associate and affiliate members who are suppliers to or customers of the steel industry. AISI's mission is: "To promote steel as the material of choice and to enhance the competitiveness of its members and the North American steel industry."

The Technology Roadmap

The Technology Roadmap Program (TRP) for research and development is a public private partnership between AISI and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (Doe), Office of Industrial Technology. This joint DOE/AISI collaborative program is designed to (1) increase energy efficiency, (2) increase the competitiveness of the North American steel industry, and (3) improve the environment. Each project supported under TRP meets all three criteria. TRP is unique from other foreign and domestic programs because the Steel Program is required to pay back the federal cost sharing.

Technology Roadmap Program is a public/ private partnership. Research is performed by National Laboratories, universities, and private industry, with joint financial support provided by the Federal government, industry, and in some cases State Governments. To insure that research is “performance based” each project has cost sharing provided by three or more steel companies who also regularly review the project’s progress to assure the intellectual property being development is responsive to their needs. All projects are reviewed by DOE to assure that they meet the government’s performance goals.

TRP is meeting it's three goals. Since 1990, the steel industry has reduced its energy consumption by almost ten percent with a corresponding decrease in the emission of greenhouse gasses. Over all production efficiency has improved as demonstrated by the fact that since 1990 the overall Consumer Price Index has risen approximately 31% while the price of steel has fallen nearly 7%. Some this improvement can be traced directly or indirectly to the DOE/AISI Technology Roadmap Program.

In addition to the financial support, this program also has a large number of intangible benefits to the steel industry that we feel are very significant. The steel industry now has a concentrated industry R&D plan in addition to their own in-house efforts. AISI members are looking at new research and development continually, not only from a company perspective, but also from an industry perspective. TRP introduces the industry new ideas from outside our industry, teaches the colleges about our industry, and provides a training ground for young engineers.


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