9th AISI/DOE Industry Briefing Session

Final Agenda

Technology Roadmap Program

AISI Opening Remarks

9955 - Geological Sequestration of CO2 by Hydrous Carbonate Formation with Reclaimed Slag

9942 - Enrichment of By-Product Materials from Steel Pickling Acid Regeneration Plants

9945 -CFD Modeling for High Rate Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) in the Blast Furnace

Minimization of Blast Furnace Fuel Rate by Optimizing Burden and Gas Distributions

9953 - Suspension Hydrogen Reduction of Iron Oxide Concentrate

9946 - Properties of Glavanized and Glavannealed Advanced High Strength Hot Rolled Steels

9943 - Elimination or Minimization of Oscillation Marks - A Path to Improved Cast Surface Quality

9957 - Integrating Steel Production with Mineral Sequestration

9956 - Technical Feasibility Study of Steelmaking by Molten Oxide Electrolysis




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