Project Fact Sheets

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9703 Development of Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Steel Framing

9705 Effects of Residuals in Carbon Steels

9707 Strip Casting: Anticipating New Routes to Steel Sheet

9718 Hot Oxygen Injection into the Blast Furnace

9732 Study of Deformation Behavior of Lightweight Steel Structures Under Impact Loading

9742 Removal of Residual Elements in Steel Ladles

9754 Development of Submerged Entry Nozzles that Resist Clogging

9756 Cold Work Embrittlement of Interstitial-Free Steels

9757 Enhanced Inclusion Removal from Steel in the Tundish

9760 Recycling of Waste Oxides in Steelmaking Furnaces

9806 Development of an O2 Enriched Furnace System for Reduced CO2, NO2 Emissions

9807 Reducing the Variability of HSLA Sheet Steels

9808 MAG/GATE - System for Molten Metal Flow Control

9810 Technology of Low Coal Rate and High Productivity of RHF Ironmaking

9812 Improved Surface Quality of Exposed Automotive Sheet Steels

9815 Phosphorus Removal in an EAF When Using DRI/HBI

9851 Optical Sensor for EAF Post-Combustion Control

9902 Sustainable Steelmaking Using Biomass and Waste Oxides

9903 Quantifying the Thermal Behavior of Slags

9904 Constitutive Behavior of High Strength Multiphase Sheet Steels

9911 Plant Trial of Non-Chromium Passivation Systems for Tinplate

9913 Development of Steel Foam Materials and Structures

9925 Optimization of Post Combustion in Steelmaking

9934 Development of Appropriate Resistance Spot Welding Practice for Transformation-Hardened Steels

0003 Clean Steels: Advancing The State Of The Art

0006 Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control In Ladle and Casting Operations

0009 Nitrogen Control In Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking By Direct Reduced Iron Fines Injection

0012 Formability Characterization Of A New Generation of High-Strength Steels

0015 Development Of A Standard Methodology For The Quantitiative Measurement Of Steel Phase Transformation Kinetics and Dilation Strains Using Dilatometric Methods

0033 Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) Coal combustion Behavior And Residual Coal Char Carryover In The Blast Furnace During PCI At High Rates

0034 Real-Time Melt Temperature Measurement In A Vacuum Degasser Using Optical Pyrometry

0038 Characterization Of Fatigue and High Strain Rate Deformation Performance Of A new Generation High-Strength Steels

0040 Hot Strip Mill Model Validation

0101 Inclusion Optimization for next Generation Steel Products

0150 Development of Submerged Entry Nozzles that Resist Clogging - Plant Trials


Yield Improvement Projects

9941 New Process for Hot Metal Production at Low Fuel Rate - Phase 1

9942 Enrichment of By-Product materials from Steel Pickling Acid Regeneration Plant

9943 Elimination or Minimization of Oscillation Marks - A Path To Improved Cast Surface Quality

9944 Improved Criteria for Acceptable Yield Point Elongation of Surface Critical Steels

9945 CFD Modeling for High Rate Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) in the Blast Furnace

9946 Properties of Glavanized and Galvannealled Advanced High Strength Hot Rolled Steels

Breakthrough Projects

9953 Suspension Hydrogen Reduction of Iron Oxide Concentrate

9955 Gelogical Sequestration of CO2 by Hydrous Carbonate Formation with Reclaimed Slag

9956 Technical Feasibility Study of Steelmaking by Molten Oxide Electrolysis

9957 Integrating Steel Production With Mineral Sequestration



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